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Antler Point Restrictions (APR's), designed to increase the number of older bucks with larger antlers, are becoming increasingly popular and some would like to see them made mandatory.   However, there is growing concern over the potentially negative biological impact that such regulations may have, in areas where communicable diseases are known or suspected to be present.  Dispersing yearling bucks, many of which are protected by APR's, have the potential to spread Bovine Tuberculosis, increasing the threat to diary and cattle farmers in Northern Michigan. Yearling buck dispersal has also been identified as a mechanism involved in the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease, which has been found as close as 85 miles from the Southern Michigan border.  Older bucks show higher prevalence rates for both of these communicable diseases.  We are calling on the Natural Resources Commission to re-consider regulations, such as APR's, which have the potential to increase the negative impacts of these two diseases in Michigan.  Additional information about these diseases and the potential negative impact posed by APR's is available on our downloads page.  
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