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The news that Chronic Wasting Disease, CWD has recently been found in Michigan, is devastating news to the Michigan hunting community.  If CWD becomes endemic in Michigan, it has the potential to change the fabric of deer hunting here, forever. The Concerned Sportsmen of Michigan

 supports the DNR's current CWD response plan.  We also urge hunters to become educated about this disease.  Based on the best available science, targeting yearling bucks, who have the potential to spread the disease outside of the core area in which it was found, will play an important role in the mitigation efforts.  In the immediate vicinity of the index case and where other deer may test positive, eliminating entire family groups is also recommended.  As with bTB, adult males have significantly greater potential to have and transmit CWD and should also be targeted for removal, if possible. 

CWD is transmitted both by direct deer-to-deer contact and also by indirect contact, via environmental contamination.  We would urge sportsmen in the contamination zone and in areas close to it, to refrain from engaging in practices such as baiting, using mineral blocks, making man-made water holes, planting food plots, particularly those with root vegetables in them, making mock scrapes, using natural deer urine products, as well as any other hunting or land management related practices that cause aggregations or un-natural concentrations of deer, which is thought to contribute to environmental contamination of CWD.  More information about the CWD outbreak in Michigan will be posted periodically on our download page. 

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